Woman Seeking Friend to Watch Figure Skating With

Figure Skating Friend

I don’t have any figure skating friends. I have musical friends, makeup friends, and video game friends. I am in need of a figure skating friend to watch figure skating with.  Are you my figure skating friend?

A figure skating friend must have an interest in figure skating. Please don’t stop reading. Rather, a figure skating friend must not have a strong aversion to figure skating.

Without a figure skating friend, I feel foolish gasping in excitement when my beloved Mao Asada takes to the ice. I feel even more foolish when I look to share this moment with my figure skating friend and then remember, once again, that I do not have a figure skating friend.  There is no one there. I am smiling alone.


While watching figure skating together, I would be happy to provide my figure skating friend with beer. But not too much beer because, in addition to my love of figure skating, I also really like beer. But I already have beer drinking friends to drink beer with – just no figure skating friends.


  • the unique satisfaction of knowing you brought a little joy into the life of an already perfectly happy young woman
  • exposure to a wildly exciting field of athleticism you may or may not find interesting at all
  • a little bit of beer

Job requirements:

  • Interest in becoming to become a figure skating friend
  • Yeah, that’s about it

How to apply:

Um. I didn’t think anyone would read this far…

Emily Bradshaw is an actor, improviser, and writer based out of New York. She totally has the same last name as that Sex and the City character.  Check out her official website.


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