New Book Explores Coming-of-Age in 1980s Comedy Club

Plrknib book new

The author of Miserable Holiday Stories tells a true, coming-of-age story set in the breakneck world of 1980s stand-up comedy.

In his new memoir Plrknib, Alex Bernstein takes the “I’m with the Band” notion from Almost Famous and flips it into “I’m with the Comics”.

At 16, Bernstein was the youngest regular at Cincinnati’s legendary comedy club, d.w. eye, desperately trying to balance high school with writing and performing at night. As the pressure to keep up with the older comics grew, he looked for something – some edge – to help him compete. And then he found one: “Plrknib” – the perfect joke.

But using the joke came with a terrible, terrible price. Set against the bohemian, downtown comedy boom of the early ’80s, Plrknib is a breezy, bittersweet, and compelling story about love, friendship, and finding your own punchlines.

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