Introducing RefuGenius: The Social Gaming App That Empowers Players To Make America Great Again

refugenius app

RefuGenius, the first ever mobile gaming app to combine geolocation with exciting, real-time dynamic, peer-to-peer play to fight the threat of refugee or Muslim immigrant-related terrorism. With just a few taps, iPhone and Android users can assess and report suspicious persons to the authorities all while accumulating valuable PatriotPoints® and prizes.

Hailed by InfoWars as “Uber Meets YikYak for Terrorism,” RefuGenius blends peer-to-peer mobile play with the thrill of real-time spy-ops. Within seconds, the user can identify a potential RefuTarget®, send a localized alert to nearby app users. The app will then activate authorities, pre-set within the app. In overseas beta trials, RefuGenius has shown a mere four-minute response time from RefuTarget® identification to resolution.

RefuGenius fuses high-resolution, vintage-inspired design with target progression after apprehension, leaderboards, weekly meet-up events and in-app strategy share.

RefuGenius users will have high-level, military contractor-tested in-app assessment tools to determine RefuTarget® risk at their fingertips. By quickly ticking off specialized “ThreatChecksTM, such as hearing an unfamiliar language, perceived loitering, possession of foreign language books or news media, prolonged eye contact and the consumption of non-American foods or beverages, the RefuTarget® is quickly identified and resolved.

With each successful RefuGenius resolution, the user receives a PatriotPoint® toward his AmericaScore®, which the user can redeem for cash prizes or credit from participating retail locations. Once a user earns 20 PatriotPointst®, he is granted RefuGenius status which guarantees a three minute resolution time and VIP access to participating theme parks, concert venues and vacation resorts.

RefuGenius is also introducing FirstTeams®, which lets friends and family play together while protecting America’s great freedoms. By pooling PatriotPoints®, top scoring FirstTeams® receive discounts toward weekend getaways at PeaceTime®, the first all-inclusive resort in Briggs, West Virginia that combines self-defense, small and large arms training, patriotic intensive workshops with scenic hiking trails, meditation and a luxurious four star spa.

RefuGenius recently launched a paid version of the app that offers users access to Solutions, a 100% U.S.-based intelligence and security consulting and services firm. RefuGeniusPlus® will have access to on-demand security services from highly-trained military contractors with three decades of experience securing entire communities and resolving them of enemies of the state.

“RefuGenius goes beyond simulation to create a fun, compelling experience that will empower and excite ordinary Americans as well as seasoned gamers,” says RefuGenius CEO and founder Zach Moseley. “It took three years of research to create an addictive and exciting experience that combines military-tested teambuilding and intelligence tactics with real-time resolutions and outcomes.”

Users can also find and share their AmericaScore® with their friends via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or SnapChat. The app is set to launch mid-March, with long-term plans to include multiple domestic destinations, as well as overseas locations.

“RefuGenius is the first app that transforms national security into a truly social experience,” says Moseley.

Zach Moseley an American businessman and former U.S. Navy SEAL officer best known for founding the government services and security company SafeZone. He served as its CEO until 2009 and later as chairman, until SafeZone Worldwide was sold in 2012 to a group of Asian investors. Moseley currently co-chairs Anschluss Ventures and has served as Ambassador to Norway under President Donald J. Trump. RefuGenius received a $25M in Series A funding from entrepreneur and human rights philanthropist Peter Thiel as part of his new Mischling accelerator.

RefuGenius is based in San Jose, Calif., with offices in New York, Austin, West Virginia, Pyongyang, Moscow and Damascus.

Lindsay Goldwert is a writer, stand-up comic, and ex-breaking news person. She hosts the Spent podcast and has the opposite of ADD. Follow her on Twitter.


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