Darth Vader Uses His Real English Voice In Original ‘Star Wars’

Carrie Fisher Darth Vader

In the original Star Wars, when Princess Lea and other actors were having conversations with Darth Vader, they weren’t talking to James Earl Jones — his voice was dubbed during post-production. The voice of David Prowse came from beneath Vader’s helmet. Prowse had a West Country English accent which earned him the on-set nickname, according to Carrie Fisher, of “Darth Farmer.”

Fisher was a guest on The Jonathan Ross Show, alongside comedian Russell Howard, and Howard happens to be from the West Country.  The host decided it would be fun to see what a British Darth Vader may have sounded like speaking with Princess Leia.

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It wasn’t bad but..well…you can’t mess with success. Or the voice of James Earl Jones. I often wish JEJ would narrate my bowel movements. If he’s unavailable, Morgan Freeman. If he’s a no show, Fran Drescher.

Carrie Fisher Finally Gets Her Scene With English Darth Vader | Nerdist

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