Bit Giveaway: Rowdy Armstrong 1: Wrestling’s New Golden Boy

We’re giving away free shit, and everybody loves free shit. Admit it–you love getting shit you don’t need when it’s free. Cause why not? It’s free! Want to win this week’s giveaway? It’s easy. All we want is your email! That’s right, just hand over the email.

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…and you could win one of FOUR copies of David Monster‘s riveting homoerotic wrestling fantasy, Rowdy Armstrong: Wrestling’s New Golden Boy. If you’re a fan of the Unimaginary Friendcast then you need to get your hands on this book to see what all the fuss is about. You’re not even a real fan if you don’t own one of these. Are you a REAL fan of the podcast? Hmmmm?

So just give us your email address already. We’ll announce a winner on Friday!

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