White House Unsure Which Disney Movie To Screen This Weekend

Captain Hook Flynn

WASHINGTON — In a week of turmoil, the Trump administration is dealt yet another crushing blow.

This weekend, the White House was set to hold a screening of yet another Disney movie, but the resignation of Mike Flynn has disrupted those plans. “It was Flynn’s turn to pick the movie, but hadn’t chosen before turning in his resignation,” one staffer told us. This has left the White House scrambling to decide which movie should be screened or if they should even proceed with the screening at all.

As National Security Advisor, Flynn was set to choose the movie screening following Trump and Pence’s choices in previous weeks. Our source says Trump was “excited to see what movie he chose” and “loves movies with bright colors.”

Reports suggest that while Trump is open to suggestions, most staffers remain silent after Betsy DeVos’ suggestion of Brother Bear was met with outrage.

Our source tells us that Trump has made this decision his utmost priority, adding, “He knows it’s important to go through with the screening, as distractions are a crucial tactic in this presidency.”

*UPDATE* Donald Trump’s new director of NSA, H.R. McMaster, is currently torn between viewing Pocahontas or Inside Out. We’ll keep you updated with the latest.

Lance Sandoval is a New York-based writer and performer. He can be seen performing improv around the city and worshiping Britney Spears every move.


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