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“Human beings are like cockroaches on God’s heavenly kitchen floor fighting over a lima bean.”

– David Monster

The Unimaginary Friendcast is a comedy podcast hosted by your new besties: Erin Marie Bette Davis, Jr., Hot Nate, and David Monster.

They’re filmmakers, actors, writers, and world-class eaters who can’t resist the urge to discuss, argue, unpack, and spitball on a whole host of important topics: Arts and Entertainment, Science, Travel, Health and Fitness, Sex, Politics, Religion and Spirituality, Human Rights, Philosophy and whatever else tickles their fancy!

Nothing is sacred as these three dive head first into the absurdity of the human condition!

Sometimes there will even be super special guests!

So sit back, relax, pull up an ear, and join in on the conversation with your new best friends at the Unimaginary Friendcast!