Does This ‘We’re Trying To Have Kids’ Sketch Remind You Of People You Know?

trying to have kids funny

This funny video from Above Average about couples “trying” to have kids is humorous for many different reasons and we’re going to tell you what they are because everyone loves explained comedy.

The first funny thing is the Red Bull line. The second funny thing is we know about a billion couples just like this husband and wife trying to have kids.

There’s no difference between trying and banging except if you try long enough, and nothing happens, you’re forced to see a medical profession and then the TRYING TO HAVE KIDS becomes a real touchy subject.

Couples trying to get pregnant are just having unprotected sex with the person they legally agreed to have unprotected sex with. It’s nothing to talk about.

I can’t imagine the dinner conversation should these two succeed.

[via Above Average]


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