Beyond Fart Jokes: 5 Best Korean Comedies Involving Poop

Full disclosure: In college, I wrote a one-act rom-com called “The Farce of Faith”about a 20something (“Faith”) who passes gas whenever her relationship with her bisexual boyfriend hits a bump. (Clearly, the farce/farts pun in the title wasn’t the only thing that stunk.) The point being that I’m not above a good fart joke. Never was. Never will be.

But what about a good “poop” joke? Or is that taking things too far? Do the laughs stop when the emission gets solid? Frankly, I don’t think so. To the contrary, I’d say this is where we separate the men from the man-children. Ready to go THAT far? These five Korean movies will take you there.

Aachi & Ssipak

Cartoons always take physical hijinks to the crassest extreme. Case in point: This dystopian comedy features an impossibly shapely damsel-in-distress who becomes the possessor of a magical anal ring that transforms her poop into tasty popsicles. Addictively tasty popsicles. In bulk. Soon enough, the mob is after her ass. Shake that money-maker!

Attack on the Pin-Up Boys

Who put the poop in popular? The pin-up boys, that’s who. This is quite possibly the most preposterous teen comedy ever: When a high school heartthrob gets a bag of excrement thrown at him, it sets off a crappy chain reaction. Specifically, boys at rival schools hope someone will throw a bag of shit at them to secure their status as the most popular. Cute, right? And given that the cast includes the members of the chart-topping, Korean boy-band Super Junior, you can also credit this movie as the first to turn K-pop into K-poop.

Doggy Poo

Know someone who claims to have outgrown the base humor of fart jokes? Show them this poignant short about the life cycle of a piece of dog turd. From birth to death, the sweetest piece of excrement you’ll ever meet learns big lessons about life from a passing leaf, a dandelion and a sparrow. This is some hilarious shit (and kids will love it too). Plus it’s available on YouTube.

Lifting King Kong

Some little kids pee in their pants when extremely nervous. Most outgrow it. So how to react to this stressed-out teenage girl who craps in her singlet during a weightlifting match? Laugh all you want. This feel-good comedy about a team of teen girl weightlifters still has its pink-cheeked powerhouse pairing off with a dreamy boy, who apparently doesn’t mind that she might be wearing Depends on their first date. It makes you feel all warm deep down inside, doesn’t it?

Venus Talk

Not every comedy featuring feces does it to be funny. In Venus Talk (a chick flick about three women in their 40s all undergoing some form of sexual awakening), a burst colostomy bag adds a very dramatic layer to a troubled romance between a cafe owner and her free-spirit “friend with benefits.” Will he stick around after the sticky mess gets cleaned up? You’ll have to watch the movie and see.

Drew Pisarra has been blogging on Korean movies at since 2007, the same year Attack on the Pin-up Boys was released.

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