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Comedy Writing Jobs for February 2018

Wanted: Creative (maybe even comedy) writer to help me write my Bio

Hey All of you LA writers! ….. and I know there’s lots of you!!


I have a very simple job request:

I need to take my personal details, experience and resume and “craft”
these details into making me sound like an “expert” or at least somewhat knowledgeable
in a field that I am currently building an app for.. (not my current field)

It doesn’t have to be long – but it does have to be catchy, information and professional..
and make me sound like I’m a rockstar too! haha
I would also love to capture some humor because the subject matter of the app
I am building would benefit from that.

I will also need more copywriting down the line – so there will eventually be more work too.

Please send me a few lines or a link to some of your writing samples and what you would charge
to write a short – Bio – that I can use for my business plan and also a shorter version for the pitch deck
(think Instagram style)

Comedic Sketch Writer Needed (West Covina): I need a writer to write and/or help me write funny short sketches for instagram. I am an attorney and manage a small law office. I want to blow up instagram/facebook/snapchat with funny sketches to gain a larger following. If interested, please contact me. Also, let me know how much it would cost for your help. Even if you’re interested in just creating something for fun and some credit, let me know. I think with the right people we could create some really funny content. Can’t wait to hear from you!

That’s What She Said has an exciting new opportunity for comedy writers who excel in creative double-entendre humor for female and male audiences. We are looking to fill the position with a writer who has a variety of work that illustrates their understanding and style of humor. The primary focus of the job will be to create comedic content for consideration in our upcoming expansion set. Please visit our website for further insight into the content we create.

• Generate comedic content using original ideas and pop culture inspiration
• Evaluate and test other suggested content

• Demonstrated experience writing comedy geared towards our target audience
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• The ability to work effectively in a team environment & accept feedback/notes on work
• Strong will and self-motivation to excel at the job and complete tasks
• Love of tabletop games is a big plus

Please submit a resume and cover letter highlighting your experience and abilities along with a URL to samples of your work. All documents should be submitted in PDF format if possible.

• After review, accepted applicants will start with $50/hr writing sessions until proficiency is established. After a couple sessions we will evaluate and discuss additional opportunities.
• Writers will earn early access to the game’s new content and a pivotal creative role in a major AAA game.

That’s What She Said is a tabletop gaming company responsible for the hit new party game That’s What She Said Game, and has partnerships with major national retailers including Target, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Discover more at

Comedy Writing Jobs for January 2018

LOOKING FOR WRITERS – Looking for writers for a TV show. Satire comedy.

Strong COMEDIC writer needed (LA): I am In search of a strong comedic writer. I have completed a 35 page script for an animated series idea that I have. I need someone with great comedic timing, witty joke delivery, and strong writing background to add their spark. I really need the “funny” increased. Please attach contact information and samples of your work for consideration. Not a big budget for this post but willing to compensate you for your time. Looking forward to working with you.

COMEDY WRITERS (San Fernando Valley): We are seeking comedy writers for an upcoming filming of a play for jokes and punch-ups. Our company also has additional projects which require comedy writing services and we are seeking both WGA and NON-WGA writers. The position is PAID. Please send email, resume and work samples.

Comedy News Show Looking for Part-time Writers (SFV): We are producing a new comedy news show in the style of “The Daily Show” and are looking to hire smart, funny, and socially aware writers to write short segments for the series. We are a new show and don’t have a huge budget but are offering a rate of $200 per episode to write a 3-5 minute piece that fits into one of the series reoccurring segments.

It is a part-time gig and all writing can be completed in a couple of days while working from home. Though the budget is slim this is an actual career writing opportunity on a series that will go to air with an initial order of 8 episodes.

If interested, please submit resume with sample of work. Spec scripts okay!

Compensation: $200 an episode

Seeking cowriters for slap stick comedy scripts: Seeking co-writers to help develop a pilot tv script. I’m looking for a fresh perspective on my idea. If you are interested in collaborating please give me a shout. The first draft of the script are completed. $200 for script.

Comedy Writer / Editorial Internship, is the leading college news and lifestyle destination for men and women. We’re looking for a smart and passionate internet junkie to join COED Media Group team to help tell our readers what is happening in the world of interweb, comedy, web culture, and entertainment today.

If you’re always up on the latest internet topics that people love, we want you to join our team!

An ideal candidate will have a passion for web culture and comedy, the ability to work closely with editorial teams in a fast-paced environment and is eager to help the team create the most interesting, surprising, highest-quality stories out there.


Sketch Comedy Instructor: The Georgetown Palace Theatre’s Academy program is looking for an experienced Sketch Comedy teacher to add to their team. Candidates must have multiple years experience writing and/or performing Sketch.

Candidates must be able create and implement a 12-session class culiminating in a show for a live audience at the end of the semester. The new instructor would take over our Intro to Sketch (ages 9-12) and Sketch for Teens (ages 13-18) classes which happen Wednesday evenings at the Palace Education Center in Georgetown starting January 24.

Please send a CV/resume to Director of Education Jonathan Young.

Killing My Lobster Theater – Executive Director: Killing My Lobster creates fast, smart, fearless sketch comedy that makes people laugh. KML produces new live shows monthly, teaches sketch comedy writing and acting classes, produces corporate shows and workshops and has been bringing the Bay Area some serious funny for over 20 years.

This is an amazing opportunity to help build upon the incredible growth and success of past years. KML has an annual operating budget of approximately $350,000 and a 3 to 5 year vision for an operating budget of over $1 million per year, with plans to secure its own dedicated theater space and to continue to increase attendance and awareness locally and nationally.

Comedy Writing Jobs for December 2017

Scriptwriter for a kid’s sitcom: I’m looking for someone to write scripts for a sitcom idea I have.

Essential: Experience writing scripts for screen
Essential: Knowledge of sitcom screenwriting formatting.
Desirable: Competence with Celtx.
Desirable: Knowledge of Islamic culture.
$60-$120/script dependent on experience

Must provide examples of previous scripts written. Applications with no samples of RELEVANT work attached will not be considered.

Comedy TV screenwriter wanted: Hey guys I’m looking for a comedy Tv screenwriter to edit a 37 page screenplay. The edits will focus on dialogue, grammar and character development. I have 500$ budget. Note: I’ll only consider applications with comedy screenplay samples.

Comedy Writing Jobs for October 2017

Comedy Writer, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me: Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me is looking for a funny person to help us make jokes about the week’s news. Our ideal candidate loves knowing what’s going on in the world; you digest huge amounts of news everyday. We’re looking for experienced comedy writer who’ve spent time in a writer’s room. Our ideal candidate is fun to have around a table, and can brainstorm material with a small team.

More Comedy Writing Jobs

Female Comedy Writer Needed Production company seeks romantic comedy female screenwriter to write 120-minute script for theatrical release. Must have experience writing comedy that have been picked up by a TV Network or have been distributed on Netflix. Submit resume, IMDB link, and a comedy script sample.

Seeking comedy copywriter for app — Seeking comedy copywriter with experience in scripting for SNL style/Hollywood style in scripting. This is for a Donald Trump app that is in full production. Compensation is negotiable.

Comedy writer needed — I need 30-second comedy skits to promote Killer Joe extreme caffeine coffee on YouTube videos.

Looking for Comedy Writer for TV Pilot – Production company looking for comedy writers for a TV pilot. Think “2 Broke Girls” mixed between a “Gilmore Girls”. Currently seeking 1-2 page treatments for the series. Synopsis: Native American F 40’s-50’s works at a casino, reporting to her white-middle-aged GM who’s a self-obsessed lunatic. Please send resume and your rates. Paid position. Inquiring for treatment with potential for long-term.
Looking for writers with accomplished writing credits, especially within comedy.

Comedy Writers for Sitcom Series & Animated Series: I need someone write on a digital sitcom series with the feeling of a 90’s sitcom and an animated series, both comedy. This is a long term project with the sitcom having 3 episodes done and looking to get a total of 10 episodes done, each one being a stand alone (something similar to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Friends, Martin, Jamie Foxx show). The animated series is one long chronologic story broken up into ten episodes. We’ve already completed the summary, character analysis, and plot line but are open to more breakdown!

Romantic Comedy (35k words): A woman with a male best friend sabotages his relationships out of fear of abandonment. I have a solid outline. You must solidify the outline even more before you write the story. You must be good at creating interesting characters with depth. You must have a comedic touch. You must be an EXPERT in writing Romance! Native English speakers only. Must sign work for hire agreement. Must not miss deadlines.

Female comedy writers wanted!: We’re looking for female comedy writers because contrary to popular belief we think women are funny. Unfortunately, given the fact that majority of Craigslist’s population is from a different planet, we tend to get the weirdest replies. Don’t get it twisted, weirdness is generally encouraged but not in the form of people flagging down this ad due to ill-fitting gender-oriented reasons. But I digress.  If you’re a female comedy writer and you want to work with cool and interesting people, hit us up: provide your past experience and which city/neighborhood/province/fiefdom of LA you reside in plus your contact info, including a link to any social media profile. *Asterisk: you don’t actually have to be female to join this group but it’s a group of female comics and comedy writers who get together to talk and make cool stuff.

500-Word Article on Being Funny by Comedian or Writer with Comedy Experience – Need a gifted writer who knows comedy and humor to write a very specific article teaching people on how to be funny. None of those “be yourself” or “feel confident and believe in yourself” generic superficial advice, but actual INSIDER advanced strategies and hacks for anybody to be funny overnight. I will also give you a few articles to read on how to be funny so you will know what NOT to talk about again from being redundant.

Need Help with Commercial Video Script – Funny I need help with a video script for a short commercial we are doing. We want the commercial to be funny like the dollar shave club commercial. We have a rough script and just need some editing to make it flow better.

American comedy writer who has spent a good deal of time in the UK, to help me develop a TV showI am the producer of a British sketch comedy show. I have production funding and a distribution deal here in the UK. In the show there is a segment called “Across the Pond”. That is where we cut to our American correspondent (already cast) who then does a 3 minute report on the current political climate in America. I need someone to write Donald Trump jokes, but it has to be someone from America, because the jokes we British write are very specific for the UK. I need an American comedy writer for this particular job.

FUNNY & ENTERTAINING Book Reviewer — I am currently looking for somebody who absolutely loves reading (preferably with Kindle Unlimited) and does so multiple times per week to write captivating and funny reviews of the newest romance novels (all genres – but must be popular). You must have a great sense of humor and a knack for the spectacular. (GIFs are a great tool to get a point across and much easier to create/find than one might think). And you must be a native English speaker. Remember: Funny, not politically correct!

Looking For Indian Comedy Writers: I’m a producer and actor based out of Seattle, currently working on a groundbreaking web series and looking to partner up with exceptional comedy writers of Indian/Pakistani decent. We need to come up with at least 4 episodes to present to my investor/producing partner. If done right, the series will result in major success with the target audience. Please contact for more details. I look forward to working with you soon.

Freelance Comedy Song Parody Writer: We are looking for paid song parody writers. We are a YouTube channel with a large audience, and looking to increase our output. If you are a comedy song writer or parody writer, this is for you! We write FAIR USE parodies. What does this mean? Fair use parodies have to follow two main rules – COMMENTARY and TRANSFORMATION. Commentary means no Weird Al parodies (“Beat It” to “Eat It”). A parody must comment on the original work, whether it’s the lyrics, the music or the video. Transformation is taking your commentary and the original work and taking it to a new place, like the twist in a regular sketch. If you would like to apply, submit a reel of your written or produced work (if you have one), but more importantly, write one verse and one chorus for a FAIR USE parody to any of these songs (just written, no demos or production needed).

If your writing meets our requirements, we will bring you in to work on a PAID parody. NOTE: We will not use any of your writing without paying you. This preliminary writing is a trial not intended for use in one of our videos.

PopMalt is Hiring Writers for Comedy, Op-Eds, and Pop Culture News: is an entertainment website, focusing on humor, entertainment news, lifestyle (including thought-provoking personal op-ed style pieces), and pop culture in general. We are looking for writers to join our team. If interested, please contact us with the following:

1. Your comfort level with WordPress (Can you format clean drafts or will our editors have to set up your pieces manually?)
2. Your comfort level with Photoshop (Can you make your own graphics for your pieces or not?)
3. Your favorite type of article to write (even better if you can provide samples) and the demographic you feel you best connect with
4. Writing samples of your best work
5. The most popular article you’ve ever written (in terms of verifiable views, shares, etc)
6. Your preferred rates for 1,000, 2,000, and 3,000 word articles (or price per word).
7. When you are available to start, and how many articles per month would you be able to complete
8. How big is your social media following and would you be willing to promote content that you write for us (assuming you end up liking your own work) to your followers?
9. Are you comfortable tracking down interesting stories to cover and/or coming up with and pitching your own article ideas? (as opposed to needing to be assigned pieces specifically)
10. After briefly skimming our website (, what articles stand out to you as type that you would be passionate about writing?

If you bring anything else to the table such as connections and ability to interview celebrities on camera or other journalistic abilities, please mention that as well.

Freelance Comedy Writer For Short YouTube Sketches: A well-established online dating website is looking for a comedy writer to join the team. The writer will write scripts for 2-5 YouTube videos per month for the website’s YouTube channel and newsletter. The content will be relatable to singles, and it will offer humorous dating advice, insights and tips. If the videos are successful, it is likely that we increase the amount of videos per month. The ideal comedy writer will have previous experience creating funny content (article, blog posts or videos). They will be able to share personal insights and life lessons that are both funny and meaningful to the viewers. It would also be beneficial to have a YouTube channel or website with a dedicated following, but this isn’t essential. Students are welcome to apply.

If you are interested in this position, please send us your resume, a cover letter, your rates and some samples of your writing. We look forward to hearing from you!

One Sheet Marketing flyerWe need a One Sheet created for an edgy comedy class. Provided with logos and direction, we need an event flyer created for people to migrate to our class and website. I will include further details after finding a match for our project.

“A & B” Web series / x2 episodes (Pilots)Web Series / Comedy / Length: 2 min 30 seconds (Maximum). Those are x 2 episodes out of 52 episodes i am willing to produce. please give me your best proposal (money & ideas) if you really want to be the scriptwriter of this series. A & B is a short web comedy based on two Middle easter (Arabs) roommate girls who left their country in search for better destiny. the main reason of making this series is to highlight the gap between the cultures and how expectations leads to a funny situation and disappointments…

Looking for a humour based creative writer with bi-polar:  Looking for a humour based creative writer with bi-polar and part of the lgbt community for a weekly column for a new humour based mental health website. It will be done in a diary format based on a character we create together. The pay is $50 per weekly post.

Stand up Comedy Content: I would like to someone to write me a 1 – 1.5 hour comedy routine. The theme of the routine should be around brands and their impact, experiences and stories. The person I am looking for needs to have stand up comedy experience and in writing original stand up comedy material. They will also interview to get the essence of my personality in delivering the content. Some background on me: I am a professional speaker on Branding and I talk about the impact of brands on people (see my website I have been asked to do a stand up on the topic hence the routine but am also looking at taking some of the humour in this stand up and incorporating this in my current keynotes. I am keeping an OPEN BUDGET for this so you can quote what you think this will cost.

Writer Needed Who Can Write Funny, Comedy and Weird (Research Based) Content: Looking for a native english writer who can write funny, comedy and weird content which will engage the user and may be used in as digital content for games, apps, websites and software.

Screenplay Coverage for 10,000 word comedy script– need 1000+ words feedback: We have a 10,000 word screenplay and need 1000+ words of feedback / coverage — what works well (about 20%) and about 80% about what can be improved, how, and why.

Looking For Comedy Writers: Looking for comedy writers to write comedy bits on ongoing U.S. current events and entertainment news. Applicants must master comedy writing style and skills of well-known TV shows such as The Daily Show, John Oliver’s show, and other news related comedy shows.

Screenwriter To Collaborate On TV Project: I need a screenwriter or aspiring tv writer to collaborate on a tv project. I’m an independent producer with a great idea for tv show. I just don’t have the writing chops to write the script myself. I have all the connections to get the project moving once we have an appropriate package together.

Senior Copywriter For Comedy Central: Comedy Central’s Editorial team seeks an experienced Senior Copywriter to work within its Brand Creative group. This full-time position reports directly to the Managing Editor and supports his/her efforts to ensure that all writing/editorial reflects the brand voice and the multiplatform team’s creative vision.

Comedy Writer Wanted: Looking to make some side hustle money? If you’re a true comedy writer this job will be a cake walk. Host looking for comedy writer. Weekly monologue style jokes will be needed. 10-20 punchlines will be needed every week to fill 2-5 minutes. Host will present your jokes on a popular website in the style of an opening monologue. Think Fallon, Kimmel, Talk Soup, Conan type of tone. Modern jokes. Not knock knock jokes. If the show takes off as planned the budget will increase and your pay will increase.

Comedy writer needed! Fan of Gervais/Seinfeld/Curb?New media company is looking to put together a 10/20 minute mockumentary loosely based on the real company with hopes of taking it forward into something perennial. Very much Gervais/Seinfeld/Curb your enthusiasm esque, i.e reality-ish, subtle/adult comedy, very character driven, part improv and lots of social commentary. I have lots of ideas but I need someone who knows how to turn those ideas into something more structured (we’ll reap the benefits as a partnership). If you’re a fan of the above shows, know how to write – yet are open minded enough to try something very different, and are interested in putting this together with me then get in contact with your background, details and anything else you wish to say or think I should know. Please no timewasters, you must have some sort of experience in writing/comedy and be willing to play some sort of visual part of the show as well as the co-writer. Thank you.

Comedy Screenwriter Wanted: Are you funny (not looking*)? Good sense of humor required, but more important are your writing talents. Do you know how to write on a professional level? Know the parts of a story? Acts? Arcs? Know what a protagonist is? Can format a screenplay? Stuff like that. Undiscovered talent. Maybe already discovered and looking for a project (on THIS website??) Seeking a writing partner to create a marketable comedy script. Must be willing to execute a non-disclosure agreement and pass a thorough background check. Initial meetings in South Florida to be held in December. If you have an interest in learning more about this project, please email reply. Feel free to submit any information about your skills, experience and even a sample of representative work of your own. *if you think that “not looking” (above) is a solid, funny joke, ya really gotta do better. It’s not that funny.